How we work

The NCS1 can seem a complex equipment to work on, however with the correct level of applied experience and attention it can perform with an impressive level of reliability.

With a well known expertise of working on this equipment you can rely on the NAVKIT Engineer's experience and capability to get you back on line.

Whether In or Out of Fleet Time, NAVKIT will try and help you out.

Reliability or Accuracy concerns ?

Outstanding OPDEF or DEFREP ?

Sailing Soon ?, Maintainer gapped ?, Its the weekend ?

......if alongside at a UK port then you are welcome to give me a call, or have your SFM or Dockside commercial contact call us to find out how we can help you.

.... at Sea (or away) ? , pressure on ?,  having fun Fault Finding ! then read on......

Equipment Service

A typical NCS1 service programme would include….

Maintainer / Dockyard recent problem briefing on arrival
Performance test/ assessment
Power supply checks
Comprehensive Inspection (to PEC level)
Identification of problems, and assistance with rectification
Routine cleaning and lubrication of motor commutators (packages and servo motors)
Refitting of all parts, including replacements (if applicable)
Transmission, Battery, Log, Alarm and BITE checks
RMA Levelling Checks
P/R/Azimuth Accuracy checks
Dynamic compass swing (ship stable)
Supply Visit Report
Post Visit communications as required

Fault Diagnosis undertaken….using ships held BR805 documentation, and my extensive product knowledge experience.

Pricing * - £240 per day, plus expenses, plus VAT, and exclusive of any materials required.

Other Nav Kit Equipment (SFC, Agilog, SCTS, PDM, Alarm Panels) work undertaken.  

So whether you are a Commercial main or sub Contractor, MoD, SFM, RN, or third party….Call for further information and availabilty.

*2010 Rates

PLEASE NOTE: For URGENT Technical assistance you are welcome to call me direct or send me an email, (Unclassified messages only please), then send me a text ie 'Shipname' and I will look out for and respond to your email as soon as possible.

SRU Internals exposed

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